Tradition, heritage, innovation and energy; four words not usually used in the same sentence. Mercian defies convention and happily embraces all four. As a brand with nearly 40 years of history we have experienced everything that the hockey market has endured; grass to Astro-turf, wood to composite hockey sticks, offside to self-pass. We have been at the forefront of product developments and supported players through multiple Olympic Games and World Cups, as well as helping beginners learn with their very first stick.
With a young, dynamic and energised staff of players and enthusiasts, we have combined NEW materials, colours, designs, shapes and sizes to create a product range that covers just about every hockey requirement. Mercian products are used across the globe and by working with our clients, agents and distributors we are proud to supply high-quality products into the worldwide hockey market. If you have any questions, our experienced in-house team would be delighted to help. Either e-mail us on or call us on +44 (0)1483 757677 for more information.

Jimmy Smith & Simon Mason

Partners, Mercian Sports Company


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