Prevention of prostate adenoma in men

Prostate adenoma is a pathological condition of the body that occurs in almost 50% of men over the age of 50. It is known that adenoma (or benign hyperplasia) of the prostate gland stimulates tissues to grow inside, and the urethra passes through the gland, which can be clamped by glandular tissues. Naturally, against this background, there are problems with urination, and in the absence of treatment, the patient’s condition only worsens. That is why you need to know about how prostate adenoma prevention takes place in healthy men, because it is much easier to prevent any disease than to completely cure it later.

Causes of the disease

Before discussing methods of preventing the occurrence of prostate adenoma, it is necessary to pay attention to what causes contribute to the development of the disease. This moment is a bit complicated, because the causes of the proliferation of prostate tissue have not yet been fully studied, but doctors believe that the most likely theory of its development is to consider an increase in enzymatic activity, which is involved in the conversion of testosterone into dehydrotestosterone. An increase in the concentration of the latter contributes to the proliferation of glandular tissues.

Separately, we need to discuss the risk factors that include:

  • age (after 50 years, the probability of developing the disease increases significantly);
  • heredity (the factor has not been confirmed);
  • nationality (statistics show that representatives of Asian nationality suffer from prostate adenoma much less often, but no one can answer what this is due to).

Separately, it should be said that prevention of prostate adenoma should begin around the age of 40, because the older a man becomes, the higher the risk of his development increases.

Important! There is a version that the development of the disease is influenced by a man’s sexual activity, inflammatory or sexually transmitted diseases, but experts consider these factors to be misleading.

Prostate cancer and adenoma

Separately, you need to tell about prostate cancer and adenoma, because these two diseases are usually considered in a complex, but this is wrong. Adenoma has a benign character and usually develops from tissues that are not subject to malignant degeneration, but diseases do not exclude each other, because a person can suffer from both of them at the same time.

Important! Adenoma is not subject to degeneration into prostate cancer, but doctors have determined that benign prostatic hyperplasia causes malfunctions in the work of the latter, that in the absence of timely treatment, the immune system deteriorates, metabolic disorders occur and the development of stagnant phenomena is observed, which is a favorable environment for the development of oncology.

Considering all of the above, we can say that the best prevention of prostate cancer is timely treatment of adenoma. It is also noteworthy that sometimes cancer is “disguised” as an adenoma, that is, the diseases have a general symptomatic picture, and it is quite difficult to diagnose oncology even using modern diagnostic methods (in 15% of cases prostate cancer remains undetected at all).

Prevention of disease with medications

It should be said that the prevention of prostate adenoma with medications in men is carried out quite rarely, because the causes of the disease have not been fully clarified. Usually, the absence of stressful situations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and frequent sports are recommended as prevention, which appear to be an excellent prevention of the development of stagnant circulatory phenomena in the pelvic region.

Important! Doctors consider regular sex life to be an excellent prevention of the development of prostate adenomas (especially after 50 years).

However, if we talk in more detail, sometimes, as a prevention of the development of this disease, doctors may prescribe to patients inhibitors of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which can be synthetic and herbal, as well as alpha-blockers. Indications for the appointment of these groups of drugs are strictly determined by the doctor, that is, they cannot be used as independent means for prevention in any case.

Prevention of adenoma with the help of traditional medicine medicines

Prevention of prostate adenoma with folk remedies deserves special attention, because sometimes these medications allow you to get a more pronounced healing effect than medications.

First of all, it is worth discussing herbs that were used as effective remedies for many diseases in ancient times. Usually, for the prevention of this disease, those plants that have an oncoprotective effect are used – horsetail, yarrow, calendula flowers and celandine. Plants can be purchased at a pharmacy chain or collected independently in the summer. You can use herbs in the form of tea, and the course of treatment should be quite long.

Celandine deserves special attention here, because it has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and it is also often included in anti-cancer fees. It is recommended to be taken in the form of tea, which is prepared from crushed dry grass – it needs to be poured with boiling water, infused for 15 minutes, and then taken several times a day in small doses. It is best to consult with a urologist about the dosage and course of treatment with this remedy.

  • Honey, bee podmore and propolis

Very often, prevention of prostatitis and prostate adenoma after 50 years is successfully carried out with the help of bee products – honey and propolis. Propolis has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and is able to stop the growth of atypical cells, that is, its reception allows you to slow down the process of proliferation of prostate tissue (if it has already begun). Propolis can be used for oral administration, but it is best in this case to use it as candles, because this way the active substances enter the bloodstream in the immediate vicinity of the prostate gland and the effectiveness of therapy increases significantly.

You can use propolis honey as a prophylaxis, which has a powerful antibacterial effect on the body. A hotel advantage can also be considered the fact that propolis honey has a very pleasant taste and it has a positive effect on the human immune system.

Regarding bee podmore, the situation is very simple, because it is very useful for the body as a whole. The infusion of bee podmore improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which significantly reduces the risk of prostate adenoma, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and has an immunomodulatory effect.