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When we launched the kit in 2019 it was designed for bigger ‘keepers. But, the protection and rebound characteristics mean that demand for a smaller size has developed that we want to satisfy. So, in 2019 the largest size was classified as large and the next size down was a medium. BUT those sizes were equivalent to XL and L in the Pro range.


For 2020 we will be running X-Large, Large and Medium. The 2020 X-Large is the same as the 2019 Large size and the 2020 Large size is the same as the 2019 Medium. We have then introduced a new size – actual Medium. These sizes are now the same as all the other GK kit ranges that we run.


Legguards – X-Large – 6’3”+, Large 5’10” – 6’2”, Medium 5’6” – 5’10”

Kickers – X-Large UK size 12+, Large UK 8 – 11, Medium UK 5 – 8

Up to 5 layers of foam feature in specific areas of the kickers. The different foams have performance characteristics that offer (a) protection (heavier and harder foam) from the ball speeds that are generated at the highest level, they offer (b) rebound (softer and lighter foams) to clear the ball and maximise rebound speeds to mimimise second phase shots and (c) to adapt to the shape of the foot (EVA and MP foams that are heat sensitive) to ensure the closest fit possible, this increases confidence and enhances feel but also minimises the air pockets that can exist between foot and kicker that reduce rebound.

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