Obo Hi-rebound Kickers


There are two choices of kicker performance in the Obo Robo range – Hi Rebound and Hi Control. The Hi Control kickers have lower rebound than the Hi Rebound, but increased control and increased protection, and it will last longer.

The Hi Rebound kickers have specially selected foam to provide maximum rebound. (approximately 40% more rebound than the Hi Control kickers.) The problems with previous high rebound kickers have been that they wear out too fast, and do not provide enough protection. Robo kickers solve the wear problems by using a high density rubbing strip where the kicker contacts the ground, and importantly, have 10mm of ultra high density closed cell foam laminated into the heart of the kicker. Players will find the Robo kicker and legguard fit together perfectly from a design and performance point of view, but you can use the Robo kickers with any other OBO legguard, or use the Robo legguards with any other OBO kicker.

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