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Just because you are not (yet) a national goalkeeper doesn’t mean you don’t need some decent protection. OBO have designed the Yahoo range especially to meet the playing and protective requirements of goal keepers who want to develop their skills.

The Yahoo legguards incorporate most of the design features you will find in the ROBO HI Control and CLOUD legguards. Agility is maximized, rebound control and power are achieved by a design centered around the natural movements of the human body.

While incorporating all the design features of the ROBO and CLOUD ranges, the Yahoo range is a bit lighter and softer, to enable younger players to move quicker. The legguards never twist which means you are better protected and do not need to hesitate while you adjust your legguards, especially after sliding. Protection is delivered by 60mm of closed cell foam.

Yahoo legguards – the legguards designed for younger players… and for those who want results today for a very decent price tag. Yahoo!


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