Innovation by and for players

Weight Reduction

Composite material advances have resulted in enhanced strength in Mercian products. The use of aeronautical grade Carbon fibre from British and continental European facilities means that the weight of our light sticks has been reduced with no compromise on hitting power, torsional strength or durability.

Genesis Range

Stick Bends

This year’s collection includes two stick shapes: the Standard Bend and the Late Bend. With the introduction of the new FIH regulations at world level events and for other international events from January 2013, we have ensured that all our sticks comply with these new rules whilst continuing to offer the great balance and strength for which Mercian sticks are renowned.


Bend GraphicsThe Standard Bend incorporates the maximum permitted bend positioned at the mid-point of the shaft; the balance point has been moved compared to the 2011 – 2012 collection to further enhance the playing characteristics of these sticks.




Bend Graphics (2)The Late Bend also incorporates the maximum permitted bend but, as the name suggests, it is positioned lower on the shaft, 200mm from the bottom of the head. The weight distribution has been altered to maximise hitting power but also to increase the speed that the stick head can move to enhance drag-flicking power.

New bends, molds and models !

One more week until these bad boys are released! Get yours today. #mercianusa #mercianhockey

Bag Week

Cette semaine, c'est la "bag week"! Notre partenaire fait une réduction de -30% sur les sacs de hockey Mercian, venez les découvrir sur son stand dès ce soir. Chaque semaine, Mercian lancera de nouvelles promos spécialement pour la Jeaudreleague, soyez attentifs et...

100% Fibreglass

New 4-way shot of the 201 White / Pink, in the USA now and coming to Europe in about 4 weeks. 100% Fibreglass, available in 32", 34", 35" and 36.5". Retail partner information available on the website

Nano-Carbon Technology

Think small and strong. All composite sticks are made through a complex process of bonding materials together; the smaller the gaps between the materials in these bonds, the stronger the stick will be.

Nano-Carbon Technology involves adding microscopic carbon straws to the bonding resins for the purpose of filling these tiny gaps which are otherwise filled only by resin.

These hollow carbon straws within the resin provide multi-directional strength between the materials, with the result being a stronger and more resistant bond which increases the overall strength of the stick.

Piezo-Electric Fibres (VRZ)

Piezo-electric fibres in the VRZ ‘Vibration Reduction Zone’ on the Pro Line sticks are used to ‘harvest’ the vibrations created in these super-stiff sticks and turn them into heat. The result of this is efficient vibration dampening.



The BIO-FIBRE face on the Mercian Indoor sticks in the 2013 – 2014 collection is a man-made fibrous matting layer made from naturally occurring materials, woven into a thin sheet. During production, synthetic resins are used to impregnate all the materials used in the stick’s construction. Under the influence of temperature and pressure these materials bond together to form a composite stick within a 3D mould. The Bio-fibre face is pre-cut to shape and placed within the mould. During this process it is pre-impregnated with synthetic resins, forming a 100% bond with the other materials offering the same strength, durability and performance characteristics.


The Bio-fibre face has softness and texture that aids skill execution because it creates a ‘cushion’ effect when trapping the ball. The texture means the ball does not slip from the face of the stick when dribbling, controlling or shooting. This texture also helps the ball to stop spinning during the course of normal play.

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